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Utility - Filters

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Power Plant

Electric Power Plants

Filters are used in many different areas of an electric generating facility. There are a couple of key areas where filters play a critical role in protecting power generating systems.

Water systems that provide water and make-up water for steam generators are one key area where filters are predominant. Filters remove contaminants that are generated when cooling steam condensate is exposed to ambient air in cooling towers. They are, also, used to remove contaminants that are found in make-up water sources like underground well water or river water. If these contaminants are not removed, they can plate onto critical generating equipment and ruin them.

Another key area that applies to Gas Turbine facilities is the filtration of fuel gas coming from natural gas pipelines. If these contaminants are allowed to reach the turbine internals, they will cause major damage.

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plants

One of the prominent filtration applications in water treatment is for aeration pump inlet filters. These pumps usually draw ambient air and this air can be filled with dust from the surrounding area. Filters protect the pump internals so that they don't prematurely fail.

Classic Filter and Equipment offers a wide array of filtration products for the utility industry. We offer micron ratings from 0.1 - 1000 micron.

  • Liquid Bag Filters
  • Liquid Cartridge Filters
  • Liquid Membrane Filters
  • Vent Filters
  • Gas Coalescing Filters
  • Compressor Filters
  • HVAC Filters

Utility - Turbine Air Inlet

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Turbine Plant

Turbine Air Inlet

Turbine Air Inlets are critical in providing combustion air to natural gas fired turbines. These air inlet systems typically hold hundreds of turbine air filters. The filters remove particulate contaminants from the ambient air supply and, thereby, protect the turbine blades and combustion chambers. Classic Filter and Equipment can offer retrofit as well as OEM filters for this application.

RO Membranes

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Turbine Plant

RO Membranes

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are common in water treatment systems in Gas Turbine Electric Generating plants. They are used on systems that provide water for steam generation. These RO systems remove contaminants from condensate steam recovery and plant make-up water. Classic Filter and Equipment provides replacement RO Membranes as well as RO system pre-filters.

Utility Applications

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